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ENCI recognized breeding specialized in toy poodle breed

The Mater Dei Regina Pacis kennel is an ENCI recognized kennel specialized in the selection of the poodle, toy and dwarf breeds.

The Mater Dei kennel has selected poodle specimens with high pedigree with fawn, brown, silver and black coats.

Over time, our selection has led us to have dogs of the poodle breed (commonly known as poodles) selected for their beauty and character, achieving important national and international recognition (my champion dogs).

In the following sections you can find information on our history, on the focus of our breeding choice, on the selection work in the poodle breed that led us to the selection of the poodle for beauty and character.

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Empathy, study and respect lead me to believe that I can work for you to offer you an authentic poodle reflecting at best your most intimate dream.

Caterina Procopio