“I have two dogs belonging to Caterina, a correct and professional person who follows you even after she has delivered the puppy to you. After two years, the relationship with her has changed to trust. When I have a problem, I always ask for her opinion and I have always found it good. She is competent in her sector. She is a sensitive person, she cares about all those who entrust themselves to her without distinction. His dogs are already well socialized when they arrive in their new homes making everything more pleasant for the new owner. In conclusion…my choice in entrusting myself to this kennel has made my life a little happier and more beautiful”.


“I met Mrs. Caterina Procopio in a very delicate moment that she was going through the world… Passionate about the breed she bred, I contacted her and I immediately understood that she would be the one who, months later, would fulfill my wish. After some time, he gave me my “victory”, a magnificent specimen which is just 5 months old today. Caterina is a wonderful woman, passionate and highly prepared”.

Francesco Piscopo

“From Caterina in her beautiful kennel in the middle of the greenery I bought this little undersized poodle Minni, a love of a dog with a unique, intelligent, loving, affectionate character in an indescribable way thanks to the work that the breeder does on the newborn puppies, getting them used to immediately upon contact with the man, I can only tell you that another apricot dog of hers will arrive shortly and I can’t wait, I advise everyone to buy from her because she is a wonderful woman who loves and dedicates her life to these little creatures , then she has really beautiful and selected subjects that look like cuddly toys, getting to know her better I can only appreciate her more every day”.

Annamaria Licata

“Writing a review for this fantastic woman, as well as an extraordinary breeder, is a pleasure for me. I get in touch with Caterina in a very difficult moment due to the premature loss of my dog. Thanks to her extraordinary empathy and sweetness, Caterina understands my situation and consoles me with her words, always very intelligent and appropriate to the situation. Understanding my enormous pain and trying to help alleviate my suffering, at least in part, Caterina decided not to consider the formalities of the waiting list and gave me one of the most beautiful creatures, my little Nairobi. In addition to its extraordinary beauty and objectively observable perfection, Nairobi reflects the elegance and intelligence of its breeder. She is a very independent, intelligent dog, sociable with any dog, immediately calm and educated at home, she has never given me any problems, especially with food (which she devours). She immediately integrated into the house, even with Axel, her older brother: she is very playful but also equally sensitive to understand when she doesn’t have to cross the limits imposed by Axel. In short, more than a review, I would like to thank Caterina infinitely for the joy she has managed to give me. I will never be able to describe in words my immense gratitude”.

Annamaria Ganna

“Absolutely recommended breeding! I took my little one a year ago and I could never have trusted a better person! Caterina is very sweet and really professional. He knows the breed (even much better than the vets) and cares so much about his little ones! Beyond the beauty of his dogs (really all splendid), they are also all healthy, raised very well and pampered! Which unfortunately can’t be said of everyone… I also have to thank Caterina for all the precious advice she has given me and continues to give me and for always being interested in making the best choice for me!”.


“I have known Caterina for years, and I am still amazed at how she raises and raises her little puppies in such a caring way. If you want a healthy and balanced dog from Caterina Procopio you have to go. Thanks for Kylian that beautiful puppy is a gift. You managed to give me a puppy as I wanted, it’s worth the wait!”.

Luca Russolillo

“What can I say, I recommend Caterina, a person who dedicates her life to her dogs, and puts so much love and passion into what she does! Don’t wait to find yourself in a kennel like any other, more than a kennel it is a residence for dogs! My Holly taken at 7 months from her is a love, sweet and playful at the same time, and already used to doing her needs in the sleeper (something not to be underestimated). For any doubts Caterina is always available to give you suggestions, and I’m happy to have met such a person!”.


“What can I say, I have 2 fantastic and healthy poodles I entrusted myself to the Mater dei Regina Pacis kennel and I was lucky to find what I had been looking for for years with so much distrust and fear I found myself with a caring, loving, professional breeder, everything he promised me happened. A GUARANTEE therefore from personal experience, advice from the heart”.

Vissia Mazzi

“At first I was a little perplexed especially after having taken a dog elsewhere which turned out to be slightly larger than my expectations, but still gorgeous from any point of view, just a few cm more, well after reading various super positive comments I decided to contact her, as soon as I heard her voice I had no doubts, I immediately felt that my next little girl had to come from her breeding, apart from that Mrs. Caterina gives all possible guarantees, such as genetic tests of both parents, accurate selection of subjects and sought-after bloodlines and advice on management, nutrition, etc., very serious, helpful and very professional breeder, I highly recommend Caterina Procopio, thank you always for entrusting me with your/my little girl”.

Arianna Richichi

“Hello everyone, I lost my little Chanel a few months ago. It was a terrible pain and my wife and I were hesitant to get another one, then over time the void it had left was unfillable we were missing a clever and intelligent little creature like the poodle so we started looking for a kennel serious and through a friend we arrived at Caterina, a stupendous woman who immediately understood what I was looking for and what were the characteristics of the little girl we were looking for and after understanding her, the seriousness of the family in which one of her girls was going to live (so he calls them) he called me and said: I have the dog you were looking for, smart, intelligent, playful and affectionate. In the meantime I had a heart attack so I was in the hospital and I couldn’t go to her to meet the little one so I told Caterina that I couldn’t go right away and if there was anyone else interested I could give her, but she is a sensitive person and with a very big heart she told me no Andrea this is your dog she is waiting for you get better and then she will be yours; this made me understand the honesty and seriousness of this person, she always follows you, wants to know news, whatever doubts you have, she is there, she is a special woman”.


“About two years ago I was looking for a poodle, and after having informed and documented the characteristics of the breed, I started calling various breeders. Some answered me automatically with a text message on whatsapp describing the availability of their puppies at that moment, others sent photos and gave some more detailed information, others spent some time understanding what I was looking for, and others who were even more professional gave me important advice and information. Then I called her, Caterina Procopio and a world opened up to me. We talked a lot, he listened to me, explained, told, advised and understood which puppy was right for me. From that moment I decided that my puppy had to come from the Mater Dei Regina Pacis kennel, and I will never stop thanking her for trusting me. A year after the arrival of my Edward, I am more and more convinced of the choice. Caterina has always been there for any doubt or information, and even now I know that for any advice or doubt, I can always call her at any time and on any day because she will never leave you alone, a part of her big heart can be found in you sweetness of the puppy who gave you”.


“Reviewing Caterina Procopio is not a simple thing to do…an extremely humble person who is constantly studying to enrich her knowledge of the breed, a tireless worker who dedicates herself body and soul to her puppies…there are not enough adjectives to define her both as a person and as a breeder , but I suggest you get to know her, only then you can understand the fantastic woman she is. Her puppies, regardless of size, all have the same characteristics, and this makes us understand the study and selection carried out…because Caterina gives a piece of her heart to every creature. I’m going through a long dark period that seems to have no end, but at night when in silence, tears wet my face there is Ian next to me who consoles me and gives me strength because he is a Mater Dei Regina Pacis. Thankyou Caterina for giving me a piece of your heart”.


“My Isabel is beautiful, very talented and very sweet. Caterina gives her soul to these creatures and it is also evident how she educates them: her puppies are perfect and adorable. Be careful because not all poodles are like this, I have seen many aggressive and unmanageable or unhealthy ones”.


“Serious and professional breeding! Caterina loves the Poodle breed and only breeds this one because selecting and improving the characteristics of her puppies is very important to her. In fact, her puppies are all beautiful and with an exceptional character, which in my opinion is not easy in small dogs. Getting a dog from her is lucky because he will be a wonderful life partner! His professionalism will then accompany us throughout the life of the dog because he is always available to dispense excellent advice”.

Maria Enrica

“A few years ago I really wanted a little poodle, so I started looking, I didn’t know where to get her… I looked at breeders and breeding farms every day and then I focused on Caterina, seeing the faces of her children so beautiful with those little eyes so sweet that they look like stuffed animals, I decided to contact her, so we spoke on the phone and I understood that she raised with passion and love! I decided to take my poodle from her. Thankyou Caterina for giving me my sweetest Grace!”.


“I met Caterina by chance on Facebook and seeing the many positive comments I came across the desire to get to know her and understand the person she is… I was amazed at how much love and dedication she puts into what she does, because for her raising poodles is not a job like many others, but a passion! He puts a lot of love into it and selects the puppies but also evaluates how much love the people he entrusts them to can give them! I was amazed because she understood me from the first moment and with so much love she gave me a wonderful affectionate, lovable and very sweet puppy. To say that my Milù is a dog is an understatement, it is much more! Thank you Caterina for taking care of our loves from the first moment of their lives! You’re unique! People like you are rare to find!”.


“I really wanted a small, good, balanced and intelligent poodle … thanks to Caterina Procopio Mater breeding of Regina Pacis who gave me a wonderful creature: my Joy!”.


“I had known Caterina for several years through social media, I contacted her because I wanted to have her small-sized but perfectly standard poodle with me. We immediately empathized and he gave me one of his sweet creatures who has loved me immensely for 4 years. She is a serious and precise breeder and a woman with a big heart, our friendship has lasted for years and I will always thank her”.

Adriana Poccia

“I got a fabulous, beautiful and good puppy from Caterina. I highly recommend everyone to get a puppy.”


Dalila is adorable, affectionate, intelligent and beautiful, my fear of bringing her home has disappeared thanks to the advice of Caterina who has been close to us with professionalism and a lot of empathy from the first moment”.


“I bought some puppies from Caterina Procopio’s Mater dei Regina Pacis kennel, all excellent specimens of very high genealogy, and in her I found a very serious and professional breeder but also an honest and very sensitive person”.

Antonella Olivieri

“The deep and kind human trait, a marked sensitivity and empathy make this breeder precious characteristics that add to the professionalism and perseverance making Caterina’s work remarkable from every point of view! Dorian is our jewel”.


“The love that Caterina puts into her work is reflected in all her puppies that she raises in a unique way. Just look them in the eyes to understand it. Attentive to their health and present in their lives even after having entrusted them to their new families! Thank you Caterina for choosing us as Trilly’s family”.


“I can only express an extremely positive judgment regarding my experience with Caterina in choosing my dog. She doesn’t sell, she doesn’t convince and pushes towards nothing, on the contrary she underlines right from the start the delicacy of these little beings and the thousand kindnesses that must be shown, first of all highlighting that not everyone can be suitable for the purchase of a small toy. My Lulú cannot be described by normal words because she is the sweetest and most affectionate being I have ever seen, she is a little dog with the needs of a little dog but she has more acute feelings and intelligence than many people. She is my shadow, understands my moods and acts like a child. “Poodles don’t have masters but servants” someone told me and it’s true but they totally repay the effort made. Caterina professionally present and gives the right advice in every situation, one of the happiest choices of my life”.

Serena Martinelli

“Happy to have little MiuMiu with me who, in addition to being beautiful and typical, is in excellent health and has an exceptional character and this shows the professionalism of this wonderful competent and serious person Caterina Procopio who can be trusted. If you want a DOC poodle you only have this way to go “Mater Dei Regina Pacis Breeding”.


“Our choice to entrust ourselves to Caterina was rewarded in the best possible way…we had heard of very negative experiences, so we didn’t want to make a mistake in choosing the puppy…Caterina immediately demonstrated her great professionalism, listening to our needs and directing us towards the puppy most suitable for our family…Hero is our love…and perfectly reflects the character that Caterina had described to us … moreover, she is very healthy and perfectly socialized…We can only thank her, also for all the daily assistance…and congratulate her on the dedication with which she raises her little puppies…thanks for everything and greetings from Hero”.


“Hello, my family has two poodles, Tina Silver 3 kg is now 19 months old, taken from a breeder in Bologna. The second Black Baloo 1.9 kg is now 15 months old, taken from Caterina Procopio of the Mater Dei Regina Pacis farm in Pisa. The first breeding, competent, excellent bloodline, perfect dog, cold, rude, neither a relationship nor a friendship followed. The second breeding, competent, excellent bloodline, Caterina warm, affectionate, educated, available, caring (even too much), a relationship and a friendship followed. This I wanted to testify, that’s all”.

Maurizio Tacconi

“Mater Dei Regina Pacis breeding? A name a guarantee. She: Caterina Procopio, the ENCI Breeder (with a capital A not by chance) professional like few others, symbol of seriousness, Scholar and expert of the Poodle breed…carefully selected subjects with a formidable character, determined precisely by the imprinting that she guarantees to each of his pups. Always present and available, both before and after custody of the dog with advice and support. Highly recommended for those looking for beautiful / healthy and certified poodles. Thank you and…see you next furbaby!”.

Arianna & Luna

“It’s been 4 years since the day you brought our Candy from Pisa to Bari to our house so as not to entrust it to taxidog etc. and to personally know who you were entrusting your dog to! Only after 1.5 months did we come to you and you entrusted us with another beautiful dog of yours that ended up in the wrong hands but you took it back with you and together we got her back from here dark days and now they are happy together! This is you Caterina Procopio, not a breeder but a special person who loves her dogs! Thank you”.

Francesco Colella

“A serious and professional breeding. Orion and Lourdes two beautiful poodles are our joys. CATERINA a serious reliable breeder is competent. For me, a highly recommended breeder”.

Frate Mariana

“Caterina’s kennel has the most beautiful and docile puppies that can be found, certainly the result of research and passion. For my first dog I trusted her and I couldn’t have made a better choice: the little one is wonderful and I would choose him again out of a thousand. Caterina also follows you during your growth: she is always available for any problems and advice. Highly recommended!”.

Valentina Mazzoli

“One day by chance I met you Caterina Procopio and you changed our lives. As? By introducing us to these two little puppies, Cloe and Prince. Loyal, very sweet, now irreplaceable. Thank you Caterina for your great professionalism and sensitivity. With respect and love”.

Emiliana Petrignani

“I am honored to be part of this group. I met Caterina by chance. I did not know that she raised. I have one of her babies who is a little son, a little heart that speaks, communicates in all senses and is very affectionate. Furthermore, it is clean, everything on the sleeper and also in the garden. He is my life, If I lost him I would die with him. I also have some Maltese, but Charlie’s character and sweetness are unique. And let’s talk about Caterina. There are no words to define a person like her, the love she has for the little stars, the sweetness in her eyes and in her voice, are signs of the infinite goodness of her soul. A sincere, honest, religious and beautiful person. My blonde fairy that I would like so much have close for me that I live in a place forgotten by everyone and I don’t have sincere friends. When you take one of his little creatures you see the correctness as well as the love. And I’m not talking about the unexceptionable bureaucratic part, but of the love with which for life, he will follow your puppy.In his puppies there is love, sweetness, education. I don’t know what to say anymore, but all this comes from an enormous sacrifice with which she dedicates herself body and soul to these sweet creatures who have a soul and it shows. Pope Wojtyla said that animals have a soul and it is true. Catherine, shining star, thank you for everything, may God bless you and your family and help you to give everyone the love you have within you. You’re unique. I love you so much”.

Lorella Bruno

“I chose Caterina before her dogs. This has been my thought since day one. I have chosen a serious, competent and passionate person. A rarity in a world where everything is approximate and superficial. Olivia is one year old and Caterina has always been interested in her. All of this takes time. And commitment. It’s love. His beautiful dogs reflect all his light! Thank you Aunt Catherine!”.

Eleonora Zaffaroni

“Thank you Caterina Procopio, great breeder of these beautiful and intelligent little poodles!”.

Flora Iossa