On 28/03/2023, ENCI accepted Caterina Procopio’s request to register in the Breeders’ Register, as it complies with the requirements set forth in the Regulations of the pedigree dog breed book and related Technical Standards.

ENCI, an acronym for the Italian Cynophile National Body, is recognized by the state and founded in 1882, as an association of enthusiasts who care about the selection of dog breeds.

The ENCI Certified Breeder certification is a recognition issued by the Italian National Cynophile Body which certifies the professionalism of the Breeder who achieves it. By achieving this recognition, ENCI offers the possibility of distinguishing its breeding in the panorama of Italian dog breeding.

This certification turns out to be a fundamental element, as the first thing to pay close attention to when deciding to adopt a purebred dog is the breeding from which the puppy comes. In fact, this will provide the future owner with information and guarantees on the procedures adopted by the farm and on the animal of interest.

The Mater Dei Regina Pacis breeding (PI), which deals with the breeding of poodle dogs, has obtained the ENCI certification, to guarantee the careful genetic selection of its puppies, and the technical knowledge of Caterina Procopio.

For further information about the ENCI certification: